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Reds at the skyroom

Dining just became better in Lake County with the opening of another new restaurant, bringing more choice to our guests at the Featherbed Railroad. Recently Jeremy and Nicole Zabel opened Red's at the Skyroom and we had to give it a try.

Jeremy has been a fixture in the restaurant business his whole life with his mother being the co-founder of Park Place, a must-visit benchmark for three decades in Lake County located right alongside the boat launch on Third Street in Lakeport. With that kind of history plus Red's incredible head chef Mayme Dyslan the trio that opened Red's is sort of Lake County rock star grade in the food service industry.

We recently visited Red's at the Skyroom along with former Featherbed Family Tony and Peggy Barthel and had a very pleasant lunch. Both Peggy and June chose the fried chicken sandwich which is served with aioli, dill pickles and house slaw on a ciabatta. Tony got a pot roast sandwich which had sharp cheddar, cabernet onions and aioli also on a ciabatta and Paul went with a turkey sandwich with bacon, brie, apple, cabernet onions and Red's pepper jelly on toasted pullman bread.

What were we thinking - nobody got a fried bologna sandwich and that's one of the things Tony meant to get going in. Hmmm, I sense a return visit.

There are also imaginative gluten-free and vegan dishes including wild mushroom tacos and risotto.

Of course dinners step up with chalkboard selections (specials) so this is definitely a nice new choice in Lake County.

Furthermore it's located right at our own airport, Lampson Field, so pilots and their passengers finally have a great choice when coming in for a landing. We also have two taxi companies now in Lake County plus Enterprise Rent-A-Car will pick up aviators and there's even a brand new pilots' lounge at the airport with Wifi and a restroom making a landing at Lampson Field a great experience.

You can enjoy a nice meal and then hire a car or take a taxi and come stay in a caboose making the trifecta of trains, planes and automobiles a reality all in one stop!
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There are a few other favorites of ours as well.
Just up the road is Romi's Brew and Barbecue which does a nice job with barbecue for lunch and dinner and has a great selection of craft beers.

Of course the home of craft beer and good food is O'Meara Brothers in Lakeport where they brew their own beer and have a varied menu of good choices. O'Meara Brothers also features music on Saturday nights and is a favorite spot for guests.

Of course the Blue Wing Saloon offers a beautiful setting and features music several days a week. Guests have enjoyed that dining experience for well over a decade.

If you're in the mood for barbecue and happen to be visiting the smallest jail in the US, Danny's Roadside Kitchen is a superb choice also. While in the area you can also visit the Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum as well.

For some alternative choices there is Arti Cafe which serves truly delightful Indian Cuisine.

Juicy's Pizza in Lakeport has some very unique choices including Fat Tony's Cheesie Gorgonzola pizza named after Tony Barthel. Yes, he's biased.

Lastly, if our casual guess means anything there have probably been more guests strolling down the street to the Boathouse Bar & Barbecue than anyplace else and they recently changed hands as well with a new energy in the kitchen. Stay tuned - we will head there soon with cameras and appetites!
People have come back raving about the Thai dishes they enjoyed at Kour Thai and many guests mix this dining experience with some great bird watching or nature hikes in Anderson Marsh.

Of course these are just a few of the many choices you'll have on your next visit to the Featherbed Railroad. We're always happy to help you make a great choice for dining or activities and welcome you as our guests. 

Written by Anthony B. Barthel